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Measuring Success

Words of Wisdom

"In the business world, the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield"

- Warren Buffet

Begin with the end in mind.

Before starting a Recruitment campaign, knowing why people join and stay with your company, or, why they leave, can help us determine the best candidate match. We call this your “Compelling Story”. This approach applies to every type of opening and the design of our Retention Based Recruitment Strategy.

A compelling story is important and helps attract people but it doesn't keep them.  It’s not about foosball, free drinks and parties.  Go deeper and you will have an easier time attracting and keeping good people.  

Retention is a measure of the health of your company. Knowing about Retention while building an accurate list of hiring requirements and a thorough Recruitment process presents an opportunity to save money and address the infamous “Cost of a Bad Hire.”

Statistics Show:
• Losing top performers negatively impacts short and long-term performance and profitability.
• Replacing poor performers with top to average performers improves both performance and profitability.

How to measure the success of a hire – or the success of any of your Human Capital Management program really depends on what matters to you over the long term. Common yardsticks to track turnover and other recruitment statistics can be used to assess progress on building your team and developing a successful company.

We all know that people are a company’s biggest asset.  Therefore, hiring is an investment for both parties.  Manage your investments. 

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