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Finding the right people

A Message From The Founder

“A good product begins with an explicit need, clear, concise requirements, and a plan. Effective hiring begins the same way. They both need a strategy and a management plan.”

- Dan Williams

Nothing we can do for you is as important as ensuring you hire well.

Our proprietary "Retention Based Recruiting Strategy" (RBRS) provides a comprehensive process for hiring the best suited individual. Our team utilizes an extensive requirements gathering process with Founders, leaders and hiring managers to accurately identify the business need, skills and cultural fit for each opportunity.

Our Statement of Work is a mutually agreed upon document that reflects the

core requirements of our Partnership with you. Our process, much like Agile Development, allows us to work in iterations and provide weekly updates to keep hiring managers informed.

We objectively assess the needs driving your hiring mandate and then find the best fit. We attend to all those tedious – but essential – tasks in the recruitment process. Where the real value comes in is the objective way we manage the selection process. Our unbiased viewpoint prevents you from hiring the wrong person – and also prevents a candidate from making the wrong decision.

Only Integrity Resources offers this unbiased approach. We are a neutral party with an objective viewpoint on both sides of the equation ensuring everyone benefits. It also helps that we are not compensated on whether ‘someone gets a job’.

Our search capabilities are extensive, covering technical and non-technical roles from entry level to Senior leadership positions across all disciplines.

Other Services:
Our extensive RBRS results in a full service approach and also includes:

  • Recruitment Training
  • Compensation Review
  • Coaching
  • Performance Management
  • On-Boarding Programs
  • Retention Strategies

Although our model is designed as a complete end-to-end solution it is scalable for those firms who have unique requirements - or a limited need for assistance.

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