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About Us

Words of Wisdom

"To be truly great every good company needs to get the right people on the bus. Once you have the right people in place, listen to them."

- Collins, Good to Great

Our philosophy is simple: Be authentic in every interaction. Integrity is clarity and truthfulness in both actions and words.

Integrity Resources delivers Outsourced Recruitment & Retention programs designed to build strong, productive organizations. We are not an Employment Agency and we do not operate like one. We specialize in a Retention Based Recruitment through a flexible partnership between your organization and our team. As an integral part of your business – working on-site at your facility or remotely from our office – we provide as much, or as little, support as needed

to attract, develop and retain your most important asset – the right people.

  For many companies recruiting is transactional and those same companies wonder why new hires don't work out as well as they "hoped". If an effective strategy increases your probability of success then Recruiting should be planned and managed in the same way.   That is what differentiates us from the average Recruiter.   

Working as virtual insiders, we get to learn, understand and respect your culture, people, technology, business offering and industry. That understanding helps us to coach and develop hiring managers to become effective leaders for long term business success.

We expect open two-way communication - we listen – and we keep your best interest in mind at all times.

Our success is defined by the smooth process with which people are hired, the quality of those individuals, their firm commitment to you over the long haul, and the positive impression that we leave with candidates – regardless of whether they are selected or not. Our proven approach combined with our tailored programs ensures a consistent method to achieving your strategic goals. And, we keep it simple.

A clear basis for our Outsourced service is outlined in a mutually agreed upon, comprehensive Statement of Work (SOW). Service Agreements provide terms depending on the scope of the engagement – Time and Materials, Project Based, or Retained Agreements.

We provide flexible and affordable solutions with proven ROI.

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